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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Must Have Fab: Sassy Tools For Sleek Hair

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 When you have a Teen Diva in house, there is unlimited potential for mini dramas, among them tear fueled BF drama, I have nothing to wear apparel drama and catty BBF drama.

Certainly, the top ranking mini drama involves the all important tresses - the bad hair day drama.

Although a mother is limited in her effectiveness in solving or forestalling the personal dramas and solving the apparel drama can take a hefty bite out of one's budget as a diva's taste level expands and becomes considerably more expensive. The easiest by far to solve and avoid is the bad hair day drama.

Avoiding Bad Hair Day (Teen) Drama

Regular salon schedule for trims
Gentle, quality hair care products
The right tools for the right hair emergency
Expert (Mom) eye rolling and deep breathing techniques

Gone are the easy days of which pastel hair pretty is the perfect match (or clash) to her outfit of choice for grade school.  The Teen Diva has developed her own sense of style and knows, with the potential for fiery passion, what she likes and doesn't.

Fab Hair Tools, Must Have Hair Tools, Giraffe Design Flat Iron

Although the list of essential hair tools seems to grow and expand as new must have tools are introduced in the market, or if the BFF recently picked up some new ideal tool, the most important tool to have in the arsenal is certainly a quality flat iron.

Having an opportunity to test a new to us hair tool, the Cortex 450 1" Titanium Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts, both the Teen Diva and I were impressed.  Although the Diva was only concerned with how effectively and quickly it smoothed and straightened her hair, I certainly appreciated all the quality and safety features of the model.

Flat Iron Experts, Titanium 450° Flat Iron, Flat Iron With Stand

Diva was delighted with the quick heat to 450° and was so easy to use.  Mom appreciated the assurance of the power switch and well constructed swivel cord, not to mention that this iron set included a sturdy iron stand to protect both the Diva and my bathroom counter top or what ever handy surface she might use the appliance near.

Silky Shine Hair Products, Heat Protective Hair Products

Along with the Cortex iron, Flat Iron Experts recommends using their Thermal Shine styling product for heat protection and glossy shine.  The Diva is absolutely in love with how well this product worked!  The end result is nothing short of gorgeous!

Blow Dried Hair, Flat Ironed Hair, Sleek Smooth Shiny Hair, Hair Solutions
Before - after blow drying    
After  - using Cortex 450 Flat Iron and Thermal Shine

Slleek, smooth, shiny healthy looking hair.  Bad hair day (teen) drama averted!

Flat Iron Experts

What are the causes of bad hair days in your house?
Do you have any fabulous hair day tips/
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Pam said...

Oh my daughter has bad hair days all the time. I guess chopping it all off was her way of solving the problem.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Her hair looks beautiful.

Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom said...

What a great Teen gift idea; I think this is perfect for my Sister In Law, too; she had one of those on her Christmas wish list and reading your review I think this one would be the perfect one to give her; the hair looks beautiful. Thanks for yet another wonderful gift that I can add to my shopping list.

Grace Hodgin said...

I gave my daughter this as a gift and she really loved it.

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