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Monday, December 31, 2012

Stylish Accessories For Men ~ @Guess Watches

 Like the rest of my family, my husband maintains a very busy lifestyle, between work commitments, the kid's schedules and his seemingly never ending Honey Do list as we remodel our home.  Although off hours, his style can only be described as casual-convenient, he surprises me occasionally by wanting to dress to his best and treat me to an evening out, when he can find a sliver of time in our schedule.  Secretly, I suspect he enjoys an excuse to enjoy the finer things, although if I were to ask, I would likely be met with a mumbled response.

On The Town GUESS Collection, Men's Luxury Time Pieces, Must Have Gifts For Men

A clue to this conclusion is shopping with him.  Although I consider myself to be quite susceptible to a new look or display in the store, I often find I have lost him in our shopping journey to a similar display of dress shirts, jackets and, more frequently, men's watches.  Oh, yes - he has a thing for time pieces.

GUESS On The Town Men's Watch Collection, Stylish Gifts For Him

His penchant for the latest looks may have some base in that he is extraordinarily rough on watches, necessitating that we select based on quality, rather than on price.  At any given time, his personal stash includes at least two, in varying conditions, suitable for rough work, a couple for everyday wear and certainly one for special attire outings.

Water Resistant Luxury Sports Watch, 10 yr warranty Men's Sports Watch

When shopping for him for holidays or gifting occasions, he never fails to advise me, in varying levels of subtlety, of the latest watch models that have caught his attention, whether spied on a shopping excursion or that he has discovered online or in a print ad.  Top on his list this year, a sporty offering from the GUESS On The Town collection, a bold, adventurous look with gunmetal accents and a gray faux crocodile leather band.  Although some of the pieces in his collection have a more simple design, he always seems to be drawn to those with more complex faces and multiple dials.  Solid and well-constructed, I have no issue in gifting him a GUESS time piece as our prior experience with the line attests to the style and quality.  With the most recent selection easily taken care of, I am only left to wonder which new watch model will be next to catch his eye.

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Masculine On The Town Sports Time Pieces

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What is your man's style?
Does he have a fetish or particular fondness for particular accessories?
Tell me in a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received GUESS time pieces to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Non-original imaged cited above.


Pam said...

My husband received one of these and he loved it.

Melanie said...

I surprised Hubby with a Guess watch for Christmas, too and he LOVES it.. so stylish and cool.. what a great watch...

Crystal Threeprncs said...

A very stylish piece. Thanks for sharing.

Barb W. said...

Nice looking watch! Will have to keep in mind for Valentines Day, think that would be a great present for hubs!

Grace Hodgin said...

these are nice watches and all have a great look.

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