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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 10 XBox 360 Family Game Titles 2012 ~ Amazon Gift Code Give Away

With adding a long-awaited new gaming system to the household, the necessity of ensuring we have an assortment of popular XBox 360 game titles available for immediate play presents the less than savvy gamer's mom with a new challenge.  I have little doubt my son could rattle off a list long enough to spin my head, however the most popular titles are not necessarily the titles I would agree he is ready for.  Thank goodness for age appropriateness game ratings!

early childhood, intended for young children
everyone, suitable for all ages
generally suitable for ages ten and older
generally suitable for teens, ages 13 and older
suggested as suitable for those over the age of 17
intended for mature audiences only
assigned to promotional and marketing copies prior to 
review and rating assignment by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board

Despite my best efforts to find a listing of best XBox 360 titles for mom gaming dummies, my lack of discovery led to a bit of ingenuity.  The logical place to start for me was a sorted view of the latest XBox titles at Amazon. Based upon purchase popularity of newer titles, I was quickly able to compile the list below of XBox 360 titles appropriate for my family.

Family Friendly XBox 360 Games, Family Video Games
Just Dance 4 by Ubisoft   E10+

Various themes of dancing fun promoting healthy movement including Dance Off competitions, Dance Crew options for groups of participants, Work Out Sessions and over forty popular songs and party tracks.

Best Family XBox 360 Sports Games, New Sports Video Games
Madden NFL 13  by Electronic Arts    E for Everyone

The latest in game play features and options including the ability to for players to build their own football franchise from a variety of relevant roles.  Designed to provide feel of live broadcast to enhance game play excitement.

Family Friendly XBox Game Titles, Dance Games for XBox
Just Dance Disney Party by Ubisoft   E for Everyone

Offers twenty-five new songs for healthy movement, complete with dance choreography and song lyrics for full fun immersion.  Easy parental controls to create playlist loops of favorite songs, as well as family dance play options.

Top Family XBox 360 Video Games, Disney XBox Game Titles
Epic Mickey 2 by Disney Interactive Studios  E for Everyone

New original game story with a host of familiar, new and forgotten Disney characters.  Adventures and challenges abound for the whole family.

Best XBox 360 Sports Game Titles, Basketball Games for XBox
NBA 2K13 by 2K Sports   E for Everyone

Enhanced court action with a variety of current and former NBA super stars, offering improved passing ability, signature skills and new ability to map out players.

Best Sports Titles for XBox 360, Soccer XBox 360 Games
FIFA SOCCER 13 by Electronic Arts   E for Everyone
Immersion into the world of current soccer players, teams and leagues, with enhanced mechanics for both offensive and defensive play.  Multi player and social play options, along with Kinect voice command adds to making this title the most realistic international soccer title available for fans.

Family Fun XBox 360 Video Games, Fantasy XBox Video Games
Lego Lord of the Rings by Warner Bros   E10+

Offers game play based upon The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, with over sixty characters and a wide variety of weaponry and magical skills for family pairs to team up to face and conquer foes on their journey.

Family Xbox 360 Game Titles, Popular XBox Games for kids
Angry Birds Trilogy by Activision   E for Everyone
Wildly popular characters featured in nineteen episodes, offering new levels and opportunities for fun in earning achievements and trophies.

XBox 360 Titles for kids, Top XBox Kid Games
Skylanders Giants by Activision   E10+

Skylanders fans will be thrilled to allow the previously banished Skylanders Giants back into play with this well conceived starter kit.  Kit contains Video Game, Portal of Power, three characters, character poster, stickers, secret codes and trading cards.

Super Hero XBox 360 Games, Lego XBox 360 Titles
Lego Batman 2 by Warner Bros   E10+
Brimming in super hero fun, this title offers a wealth of Batman characters working together and opposing Justice League characters.  Gadgets, super abilities and in-game dialog and exciting story line make this a desirable library addition.

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