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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best Smart Phone For Tweens ~ @Verizon Droid Razor HD

Upgrading my family's cell  phones recently was a process blended of adventure, as well as a bit of a mystery as we tried to find our way through the myriad of smart phone options available.  Although it seemed each of us was after something a little different, one thing we readily agreed upon was that our choices needed to be decidedly smarter than our old models.  If you have been shopping for or simply just considering new phones as of late, you likely appreciate that this one point did not narrow down the field a great deal.

Smart Phones for Teens, Best Smart Phones for Tweens

With an older teen daughter, my husband and I have been through the gambit of cell phone catastrophies already and are less concerned about damage, wear and loss as we perhaps were with our daughter's first phone.  After the first phone sank to the bottom of our in ground pool, we never once questioned the importance or necessity of purchasing cell phone piece of mind by way of extra coverage.  Although, true to her teen nature, our daughter was quick to point out that her first phone was a lower end model with firm use limits, this second time around, our son will reap the rewards of our generous plan allowances  As far as we are concerned now, you can never have a large enough data plan.

So many changes and tech improvements in cell phones since our daughter was first granted her own.  The right smart phone actually saves money, to our minds, as with the ability to play games, communicate, access shared data and download entertainment, the need for a separate handheld game system or portable entertainment system is nullified.  Simple, streamlined and convenient.  One or more less expensive items to care for, to keep track of, to fund with accessories and add ons.  That is certainly a win in this Mom's book.

Of course, which model would be best suited for our tween?  As parents, our primary concern is that the smart phone be durable, easy to use, especially should an emergency arise and with a long battery life to help ensure the device is functioning should it actually be used for a call for help.  My son, of course, held a different set of top concerns in choosing his ideal smart phone model.  For him, graphics, screen size and storage capacity, in addition to cool factor, were the most important considerations.

In the past year, he had an opportunity to test the Motorola Droid Razor with Verizon service and was quite taken with it, both in function and with the sleek design.  It made sense to take a closer look at the newer model, the Motorola Droid Razor HD.  It did not take long to realize we had discovered the winner!

Smart Phones for Teens, Best Smart Phones for Tweens

Why My Tween Loves The Droid Razor HD
from the tween's mouth

Bigger Memory
Bigger Screen
Easier To Use
Easier To Manuever 
One Hand Navigation
Better Graphics
Full Day Use From Single Charge
Beam Sharing

Although the Droid Razor HD is not the cream of the current smart phone crop, it is the perfect choice as a first smart phone for my tween, providing him with the cool factor, ease of use and all the features that are important to him.  Better yet, the Droid Razor HD is priced a bit friendlier, giving the family budget a break when upgrading contracts or starting a new line of service.

Learn more about the features of the Droid Razor HD 
and and the family budget friendly service options 
from Verizon 

Are you considering a first cell phone for your child?
What features are important to you?
Tell me in a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I receive Verizon products to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from Verizon.  Opinions shared in this post are may not be the opinions of Verizon or Verizon of Michigan.


Pam said...

I reviewed the Droid Razor and I loved it. Very simple to use!

Grace Hodgin said...

We live out in the forest so I have to be careful what phone we get as most do not get service. It is hard to choose without trying them out first and of course that is not an option before buying. I'll have to see if Verizon gets service here.

Barb W. said...

I like the bigger screen and full day use from a charge, will have to check into this model!

Crystal Threeprncs said...

I've heard good things about the Droid Razor all around.

Melanie said...

My Teen has been eyeing this Droid Razor and I loved reading your review, giving me a little more insight in why I should get it for him. Sure sounds like a GREAT phone and I love the "from your Tweens' mouth" feature... KIDS say it the best!!

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