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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Healthy Choices For Middle Years Moms ~ Mastering Pre-Menopause

Each New Year offers a new beginning of sorts and one in which many resolve to make changes to their lifestyles and routines.  Resolutions to make healthier choices are among the most frequent pledges, although,  like many New year vows, they can be difficult to maintain without a firm commitment and plan in place to ensure success and continuance throughout the year.

This year, as I reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new, maintaining healthy choices is even more important than ever before. Why?  Another birthday is just around the corner and as a Mom who has no interest in going softly (further) into my middle years or allowing the natural tendencies of my metabolism to work against me and my goals.  In many ways, aging for women is not unlike going into battle, however one can give into nature or use it to her advantage.  Understanding the challenges ahead is an important first step in staying fit, healthy and active, as well as developing a practical strategy and arming oneself with the necessary tools.

Know The Facts

Women approaching and entering their forties may begin to experience pre-menopausal symptoms which may include unpredictable changes in menstruation, hot flashes and night sweats as well as anxiety and irritability.  Other potential joys likely include slowing metabolism, increase in weight gain and lose of muscle mass.  Bone mass density reduction, deteriorating eye sight, creative block and graying hair round out the pending treats to come for the middle years Mom.

Fighting The Good Fight

Although genetics certainly plays a significant part in each woman's individual aging process, understanding what may lie ahead can provide opportunity to make important changes or to reinforce healthy routines to reduce the effects facing middle years Moms.

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Maintaining at least thirty minutes of sustained activity every day, such as walking or swimming, will go a long way to keeping unwanted weight gain at bay.  Mixing up daily routines with simple muscle promoting exercises, such as light weight work, will counteract muscle loss.

Consult with your physician about which supplements may be needed for your current stage in life.  Many middle years Moms should add calcium and potentially vitamin D supplements to prevent bone mass loss and deterioration.  The frequency of recommended health screens also increases with age; ensure you are are up to date including mammograms which should be performed every one to two years beginning by age forty unless family history indicates an earlier starting point.

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Photo Credit:  K Sullivan Photography
Maintaining a healthy diet is vital to a women's health at any age, however dietary needs change as we move through life stages.  Middle years Moms should consume three to four servings of low-fat dairy, a serving of lean protein at each meal, increase fiber intake and ensure their diets are well-diversified, with minimal or no processed foods and rich in grains, fruits and vegetables of all colors.  Drinking plenty of water, becoming more adventurous in meal choices and eating slowly to savor your meals will also promote healthy eating.

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In addition to selecting the right foods to keep you fueled up in the right manner, limiting portion sizes is equally as important.  Take care in filling your plate as most will finish their portions, no matter how generously over-sized, even after becoming full.  In creating new dishes, utilize a digital kitchen scale, like the EatSmart Precision Pro, to ensure you are adding the right quantities of important diet essentials to your meals.

As is true at any age, getting a full night's sleep regularly carries tremendous benefits.  Ensuring a full eight hours daily will help in your efforts to maintain a healthy weight, as well as assist in reducing stress, help keep senses sharp and that you are ready to successfully tackle your everyday challenges, including taking time out for that still important meal - breakfast.

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Photo Credit:  SweetOnVeg Photography

Are you a middle years Mom?
Any tips for staying in front of the challenges of pre-menopause?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I received an EatSmart digital scale to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.  Resources used in creating this text include: WomensFitness.net   SkokiePatch.com


Pam said...

I *guess* I am a middle years mom. I just don't like to admit it. lol
You have some great suggestions on there that I need to follow more stringently.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm currently 50 yrs old and experiencing many of the symptoms you mention. Hot flashes being the most annoying.
Along with increasing my exercise, reducing the fats, sugars, processed foods, over the years, I also do yoga and mediate daily.
I've found that the yoga and mediation have definitely helped with anxiety and stress.

Grace Hodgin said...

I'm past menopause and used alternative health options to control symptoms that worked well for me. I did watch my weight as it is easier to gain and harder to loose in mid life.

Barb W. said...

Ah... this is totally me. Thanks for the great advice, very helpful!

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Tips? I have none. I honestly don't even like to think about it. Great post to get us thinking.

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