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Thursday, February 28, 2013

From The Girl To The Woman She Will Be

So hard to believe, yet squarely and undeniably before me, sometimes defiant and challenging, other times demure and seeking comfort, my little girl, my young woman, preparing to venture out on her own.

young adults, first college year

After months of that feel like years and moments all at once, she stands on the brink of making her first  adult decision of which college she will attend in the fall. Ready to run forward to her future, yet, in small fleeting moments perhaps only recognized by a mother watching and memorizing every expression, gesture and inflection, a brief hesitation, a backward glance.

There are signs that she is ready.  The unexpected kindness to her brother, with whom she used to quarrel and fuss. The game she did not see, squirreled away studying for the Calculus test, the gaggle of girlfriends gathered, not to giggle and talk all things boys, rather to make blankets for the homeless in our community.

Will her growth, her new found maturity make the absence of her smile, her laugh, her light easier to bare?  Likely not.  There is comfort in the intimate familiarity with her strength and spirit, knowing she will engage, explore and succeed, will find her path and cherish every moment upon it.

While knowing my heart will suffer at the loss of her presence, it will, at the same time, soar with her on her journey.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shopping For The First College Year

With the long process of reviewing various colleges and programs, countless campus visits, meetings with professors and coaches behind us, just as my husband and I felt we might take a moment of reprieve from this all encompassing adventure, we realized the date.

As desperately as my family is awaiting spring, that glorious conclusion to a winter that has outstayed its welcome by several weeks, taking in the calendar from a different perspective cut our sighs of relief to the quick.  Mere weeks lie between us and graduation, open house season, and helping our daughter prepare for her big move to campus.

Memories of her prodding, issued months ago, to begin shopping for her new life's needs, return quickly after having been disregarded as much too soon to consider. The motivation of the procrastination no doubt stemming from my only slightly sub-conscious desire to relegate this event as far into the future as possible.

The Baggallini Metro Bag, more practical for toting her school supplies. The London Fog wool pea coat, perfect for walks across campus, stylish yet of a more mature cut. The boots, more functional than her usual fashion-motivated selection. Despite my best efforts, she has, with great skill, worked in purchases here and there, proving once again that she is much more ready than I am to face her future.

Certain, beyond her college wardrobe needs, the list of her wants and needs for college is expansive, the sooner we begin the better. In truth, a bit of shopping therapy would go far in helping me to focus on the fun of her transition, rather than focusing on how much I will miss her presence and spirit about the house.

A new bedding set in whichever style she determines is her new passion, the fluffiest of coordinated bath towels with hopes that she will be home on a weekend with them to be laundered.  The wall art to help her call the dorm room her home, frames for photos to ensure familiar faces will always be at the ready.

There is no doubt, as she unpacks and creates her home, tucked in here and hidden there, she will find notes from home, telling her how much she is adored and how very proud of her we are.

Butterly In Hand, Young Adults

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Custom Furniture ~ Why Choices Make The Difference

La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy chair, La-Z-Boy Pinterest contest.  Furniture Contest.
Choices galore ~ from frame, to fabric to that complete gorgeous look for your home!

When we first signed on the line for our dream project, my husband and I were full of motivation and energy for all the home improvement tasks that lie ahead. I call it a dream "project" as so many changes were needed to for me to feel comfortable in calling this structure our home.  Now, a few years later, we still have a number of projects on our list, surprising many of the originals, as well as a few new ones.  All the might and muster seemed to be all too quickly and easily distracted by our busy family schedule and, in no small amount, by the in ground pool.  Imagine - our DIY determination lessened by the beckoning of the refreshing pool water.

This is not to say that we don't appreciate any features of our home. Quite the opposite, I love the flow of the main floor, that we have enough space for our family to relax and entertain and even a few of the decor elements.  A perfect example is the children's bath - a large space with a generous double sink vanity, perfect for my teen and pre-teen to share. I immediately fell in love with the retro tiled floor and have come to appreciate it even more now that we have changed the wall color and found pieces to match.

Bathroom Flooring, Retro Home, Retro Looks That Work

The gorgeous cherry doors throughout the house are certainly keepers.

Cherry Wood, Cherry Home Accents,
Love this!
However, the horrid bright brass fixtures and handles, they were welcome to go on day one!  Don't judge - they are on the list!

Brass Home Fixtures, Brass Door Handles
Be gone, 80's brass!
I definitely appreciate that our home allows not only space for my husband and children to relax, but also an office for me to work and wax on all things that strike my fancy. Of course, the space in which I work is not what I would consider my #MomCave. The one room in my home that calls to me with peace and relaxation is the living room. With an expansive front window that looks out over our tree lined and peaceful neighborhood to the east, complete with a gorgeous cherry parquet seat and a view of the pool area through the dining room to the west, this room is hands down my favorite.  Even with the lovely views, I still find myself distracted by the work still to be completed, the most pressing of which is replacing the carpet and selecting more formal furniture.

Cherry Home Accents, Wood Accents, Wood Home Design Elements
One of my favorite features in the house!
Although the off white meringue color of the living carpet spoke to me when we first viewed this house, the Mom realist in me knew it was not likely to hold up to so many muddy cleats and puppy paws.  With wall painted in Moroccan Sand and a new hard wood floor in the works, the time was right to begin the search for new seating for this room.  Certainly, with as many hours I spent in picking wall colors for the first floor, the sooner I started browsing for furniture, the better!

A peek online at the offerings from some of the local furniture stores I was familiar with, my mother's go to retailer and another for whom I had worked many moons ago left me discouraged. One of the retailers surprised me as despite that they offer designer services, it was difficult to browse their options online and I found the fabric selection rather weak. For a fleeting and ridiculous moment after we had first moved in, I had thought I would replace our tired living room suite with something in a vanilla or champagne color.  A very brief and hysterical moment - then the pooch and I took a long look at each other, as I pondered, "Would he?" and his look assured me definitely, "He would!".

Family Pets, Yellow Lab

Although the furniture in our living room still has a good deal of life left in it and it incredibly comfortable with the fabulous inclusion of power recline technology, between man, child and pooch, it has seen better days and is certainly not the look I am craving for this room.  Rather, the love seat will find a home in our family room and the sofa is destined to be further abused by the kids and their guests in our rec room.  Microfiber was not meant for formal rooms. A budget friendly plan to be certain, the rotation of seating, yet brilliant in that it allows me to shop for beautiful and elegant pieces!  Sneaky the way a Mom's mind works after far too much time grimacing at horrid brass door handles. I am quite certain I have gathered a good deal of stylish home decor karma after having been so patient.

Comfortable Sofas, Power Reclining Sofa
Comfy, yes.  Formal living room worthy, no!
Indeed, as it was certainly a stroke of good fortune when I decided to browse La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries online after viewing a recent commercial.  Most of the furniture stores in my area are located in very close proximity to each other and despite that La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is within the lot, I have always thought of La-Z-Boy as being synonymous with recliners. Dad chairs. Was I wrong?  Most definitely.

La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy chair, La-Z-Boy Pinterest contest.  Furniture Contest.
The Poet Room ~ Despite practicality, drawn to light looks.
As a consumer, I have found that certain retailers know me - from their marketing, website, physical stores, displays and merchandise, they strike a chord deep inside that simply draws me in and compels me to shop.  It is kismet.  The pieces are beyond gorgeous and I deserve them. Side Note:  If you are a Mom, you deserve them, too!  My husband is all too well aware of that gleam in my eye and does his best to distract me from these retailers, at least until he has caught up with the latest DIY project at home.  If you have not guessed yet - La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries are solidly on his list!

La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy chair, La-Z-Boy Pinterest contest.  Furniture Contest.
Love beautiful fabrics?
You'll find the perfect custom furniture cover, or two or twelve at La-Z-Boy!
Despite my penchant for home remodeling, the planning more so than the labor, furniture and decor, I suffer from a severe lack of visualization skills. I certainly know what I like when I see it, however I am hard pressed to take a blank slate, such as my living room, and turn it into a fabulous space without assistance.  Dear La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, you are this Mom's new best friend.

Custom Furniture, Easy Search Furniture Covers
Easy browsing for custom covers at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries!
Why?  Choices. So many options. As unlikely as it may seem, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries offers over 900 fabric choices.  Are you twitching yet?  Unlike many furniture retailers I have become familiar with, with La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries personnel will not emit a quiet groan when you utter the phrase "custom order", rather they expect it.  Beyond more lovely fabric options, from traditional to modern, from quiet to bold, one is not restricted to ordering custom covers for select frames and styles. Quite the contrary, they offer 250 frame choices. Your choice. Your glorious choice.

With so many frames to select from, it is certainly difficult to narrow down to a favorite or even two, however I quickly fell in love with a few styles. Not so surprising as after taking the La-Z-Boy Style Finder quiz, I discovered my taste ran predominately Traditional, with a tendency toward Transitional and Contemporary, with a dash of Eclectic thrown in.  It is no wonder that I am lost on my own in pulling a smart room together!

soft, graceful lines
in Mauve, Forest and Olive custom fabric covers 

elegant and graceful custom furniture

striking, substantial comfort 
in Nutmeg, Burgundy and Radish
striking style, comfortable furniture

perhaps somewhere in between in a completely different direction
adoring the sofa in Caribbean yet which chair cover to choose?
easy custom furniture ordering

yet which chair cover to choose?
in Lagoon, Aloe and Pitaschio
Stylish, sleek recliners, custom color recliners
Fortunately, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries not only has my number in regard to fabulous looks for the home, they are prepared for my indecision and need for assistance.  The La-Z-Boy website is easy to navigate and bursting with a plethora of resources to help guide, from Room Inspirations, to articles, videos and furniture selection tips and even the practical and fun 2D and 3D online room designers to help the challenged like myself to visualize these gorgeous pieces in a space just like my own!  Phenomenal!

Would you believe that there is more?  Oh, yes, particularly helpful "more", especially if like me, you crave that pulled together look that can take years to accomplish, yet you want it now.  If you were twitching a bit before, this would be the time that you start looking around for your keys.  For those of us with the visualization weakness, finding and falling in love with those perfect fabrics and the lines of that stylish frame is only the first step in the process.  How do you pull it all together?  Once again, enter my new BFF, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.

They do not simply offer the piece, they offer the look you want and the ability to help you achieve it. With aid of their online catalog and stunning inspiration rooms, both online and in store, one can simply point and say, "That is my room!".  Of course, with all the options available, you can certainly also point and say, "That is my room, but let's change this and this and this!". The La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries staff have the resources and knowledge to make that happen, as they not only carry a wide selection of coordinating accessories in store, they also offer and free in home design service. Oh, yes - they will literally make a house call to help you find the right pieces and sizes to properly fit your space and create the #MomCave of your dreams, beautifully.

La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy chair, La-Z-Boy Pinterest contest.  Furniture Contest.
What custom colors from La-Z-Boy would you add to your Mom Cave?
Do choices, options and supportive service make the difference for this Mom?  Absolutely!

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Live life comfortably

La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy chair, La-Z-Boy Pinterest contest
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What rooms are on your list to refurbish this year?
How would you describe your style?
Take the La-Z-Boy Style Finder quiz and tell me in a comment below.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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