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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shopping For The First College Year

With the long process of reviewing various colleges and programs, countless campus visits, meetings with professors and coaches behind us, just as my husband and I felt we might take a moment of reprieve from this all encompassing adventure, we realized the date.

As desperately as my family is awaiting spring, that glorious conclusion to a winter that has outstayed its welcome by several weeks, taking in the calendar from a different perspective cut our sighs of relief to the quick.  Mere weeks lie between us and graduation, open house season, and helping our daughter prepare for her big move to campus.

Memories of her prodding, issued months ago, to begin shopping for her new life's needs, return quickly after having been disregarded as much too soon to consider. The motivation of the procrastination no doubt stemming from my only slightly sub-conscious desire to relegate this event as far into the future as possible.

The Baggallini Metro Bag, more practical for toting her school supplies. The London Fog wool pea coat, perfect for walks across campus, stylish yet of a more mature cut. The boots, more functional than her usual fashion-motivated selection. Despite my best efforts, she has, with great skill, worked in purchases here and there, proving once again that she is much more ready than I am to face her future.

Certain, beyond her college wardrobe needs, the list of her wants and needs for college is expansive, the sooner we begin the better. In truth, a bit of shopping therapy would go far in helping me to focus on the fun of her transition, rather than focusing on how much I will miss her presence and spirit about the house.

A new bedding set in whichever style she determines is her new passion, the fluffiest of coordinated bath towels with hopes that she will be home on a weekend with them to be laundered.  The wall art to help her call the dorm room her home, frames for photos to ensure familiar faces will always be at the ready.

There is no doubt, as she unpacks and creates her home, tucked in here and hidden there, she will find notes from home, telling her how much she is adored and how very proud of her we are.

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