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Our editorial team loves exploring new products, sites and services to share with our dedicated reader base.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your target customers through successful social media promotion and campaigns.

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Promotional Policies

Product Reviews
We would be happy to review your product(s).  Due to heavy demand for reviews, product review features will be published within 4-6 weeks of receipt.  Please advise if your promotion is time sensitive as we will make every effort to accommodate you.  Products for review will be shipped to us at your cost and will not be returned.  We will notify you upon receipt of your products.  Minimum recommended value for review product is $50 US.  For products valued below recommendation, please consider bundling like products together for maximum impact and interest.

Reader Giveaway Hosting
We recommend offering a reader giveaway to run in conjunction with Product Reviews.  While this is an optional feature, Reader Giveaways serve to create excitement and buzz around your products and provide editors with additional free advertising opportunities.  We will provide sponsors with winner's shipping information post the giveaway for shipping purposes.  We do not offer prize shipping services.  Products offered for prizes in Reader Giveaways are recommended to be minimum value of $50 US.  No fee is charged for Reader Giveaways run in conjunction with Product Reviews.  Reader Giveaways without Product Reviews are available for nominal fee.

Fee Based Services 
Payment for Fee Based Services is due within 48 business hours of publication or completion of service via Paypal unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance.  Long Term Projects may require partial payment at commencement of project.

Disclosure Policy - This site is FTC compliant.  View site disclosure policy.
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